TSPFundTrading.com, LLC is a leading professional financial service that provides expert market analysis of the Thrift Savings Plan funds. Our primary objective is to help Federal employees and members of the uniformed services, including the Ready Reserve increase their Thrift Retirement Savings in a low-risk/high-reward manner in both bullish and bearish markets. Our service has been live since Jan 1, 2005.

As you know, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is an extremely important part of the federal retirement system. The TSP is widely recognized as one of the finest, most elegantly simple, and popular retirement plans of its kind. As of Dec 31, 2019, there are 5,869,805 participants and $632,620,000,000 (six hundred thirty-two billion, six hundred twenty million) of invested assets in the TSP. The TSP is the largest defined contribution retirement plan in the world. However, we have found that the majority of these investors do not have the proper guidance required to maximize the growth of their savings. Our service is exclusively devoted to helping federal employees increase their thrift retirement savings. Our proprietary methodology uses technical analysis and gathers statistical information from trading activity to forecast the price direction of the Thrift Savings Plan funds. Our track record speaks for itself!

Overall Performance of our TSP System

Since the inception of our service on January 1, 2005 to the end of 2020, if a member started with $100,000, his/her initial savings would have increased to $854,688 using our real-time trading returns. For the same time period, the buy-and-hold strategy of investing would have only increased to $296,707, while the G Fund increased only to $154,427. These results do not include any personal contributions during those 16 years, nor any contributions and profits made during year 2021. In addition, our returns are not compounded and are only based on arithmetic computations (i.e., summing profits and losses).

All trades adhere to the New Interfund Transfer Rule. The performance bar chart and table below display our overall results:

Performance Line Chart

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Performance Table

YearG FundBuy & HoldOur Returns
*** We outperformed the market 13 of 16 years! ***
Tables of Our Trading Results
Performance Bar Chart

The two main facts to observe from the table are: (1) the longevity of our service, and (2) our long-term results consistently outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing. If your current trading style is not making these returns, we encourage you to consider our service. We are thankful to serve federal government employees & military personnel who continue to prosper from our valuable service!

Our service has the best 'long-term' track record for trading the TSP Funds!

Results of Year 2021 YTD (Close: 11/16/21): We are now in the final quarter of Year 2021. Members have profited an outstanding return of +20.16% YTD. The buy-and-hold strategy of investing is up +12.08%. We are outperforming the buy-and-hold strategy by +8.08%. If we maintain this pace, our year-end forecast is approx. +22-23%. The G Fund is up +1.19% YTD.

Our signals are tracked by TimerTrac.com, a leading third-party authoritative verifier of timing performance.

Results of Year 2020 (Close 12/31/20): Members profited +17.18%. The buy-and-hold strategy returned +13.36%. We outperformed the buy-and-hold strategy by +3.82%. The G Fund only returned +0.97%. We achieved optimal asset allocation by investing in the strongest stock funds. In addition, we finished as the overall leader of all other TSP advisory services in 2020.

Results of Year 2019 (Close 12/31/19): Our system performed excellent in 2019. Members profited +20.51%. The G Fund returned +2.24%. We outperformed the G Fund by +18.27%. We outperformed the buy-and-hold strategy of investing (5 TSP Funds) by +3.35%. Our long-term returns clearly show we are the leading TSP advisory service. In addition, we outperformed all other TSP services in 2019.

Overall Results (2005-2020): Our IFT Allocation Service averages a profit of +14.09% per year. Over 16 years, our service continues to lead all other TSP advisory services. The average return for the buy-and-hold strategy is only +7.44% per year. We outperform the buy-and-hold strategy by +6.65% each year. The G Fund returns an average of +2.71% per year.

To understand how the TSP calculates rates of return
for any given period of time and determines compound annual returns, read the Fact Sheet
Calculating Periodic Returns and Compound Annual Returns.

Our main goal is to maximize our TSP savings during bull market cycles and protect capital during potentially unstable market periods.

In addition to using technical analysis, we are now validating our interpretation by using a mechanical impulse system. The impulse system uses a combination of trend following and momentum, which maximizes gains when the market is trending. Become a member today to our valuable service and gain an understanding of the market in our very comprehensive newsletter.

About Our Service

Our proprietary methodology uses technical analysis and gathers statistical information from past trading activity. We then analyze this information contained in technical charts to forecast the price direction of the Thrift Savings Plan funds (G Fund, F Fund, C Fund, S Fund, and I Fund). Our number one goal is to produce results that consistently outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing. The buy-and-hold is not a smart way to invest, since it takes years to recover when the market crashes.

The two primary long term trends of the stock market are either a secular bull market or a secular bear market. Secular bull markets can sometimes last over twenty years. The most prosperous secular bull markets were from 1943-66 and 1983-2000. On the other hand, secular bear markets normally last between 10-14 years and sometimes longer. Viewing a twenty year chart of the S&P 500, note how the index was in a secular bear market from years 2000 to 2013. Within any secular market, there will be many bull and bear market cycles.

The latest bear cycle occurred when the S&P crashed over 57% in 2008. The market then experienced the next bull cycle beginning in March 2009. Our methodology and returns are independent of market conditions. Our track record shows a long-term consistency in outperforming the buy-and-hold strategy of both bullish and bearish cycles within secular 'long-term' bullish and bearish market environments. In all market conditions, it is essential that we trade our accounts so that: (1) we protect our capital during a crash within a bear cycle, and (2) continue to outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing in bullish and bearish cycles within secular bull and bear markets.

Reasons why it is imperative to trade the stock market as opposed to the buy-and-hold strategy can be viewed in a few charts which graphically show: (1) historical secular bull and bear markets of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (2) secular markets explained by trends in the price/earnings ratios (P/E) of the S&P 500 Index, and (3) how just by using a simple price and moving average crossover technique applied to a bear and bull cycle of the S&P 500 Index will 'greatly' outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing. Our proprietary methodology focuses on analyzing the most important technical elements to properly forecast market direction.

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The newsletter will be posted on the Members Only page each Thursday to update members with our fundamental and technical interpretation of the market and the future short-, intermediate- and long-term outlook. We will provide our recommendations for attaining the highest-reward/lowest-risk in the various funds for the short-term. A few elements we will focus on include:

Current Fund Distribution

This section will provide our current percentage breakdown for the various funds in order to achieve the highest-reward / lowest-risk results.

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Members will receive an e-mail and/or text alert when we believe it is best to make an Interfund Transfer; meaning there has been a change in percentage distribution of funds (see sample). Members will also receive an e-mail each Thursday, as a reminder that our weekly newsletter has been posted on the members page.

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