Subject: Latest Fund Allocations from

Dear Members,

The Editor has made an Interfund Transfer (IFT), which will be effective at the close of December 02, 2008, as follows:

30% C Fund
50% S Fund
20% I Fund

You can verify this allocation change on the "Members Only" page at:


If you decide to make this change, go to the TSP.GOV site at: ... click on All Account Transactions, then AGREE, your account number and password, select Interfund Transfers, click Request interfund transfer, type in your email address and the current fund distribution.

Reasons for the change:
The market is changing dynamics and has reached an intermediate "V-shaped" bottom. All indexes are showing a significant amount of bullish divergence between key macro-technical indicators (MACD - moving average convergence/divergence, and RSI - relative strength index) and the declining stock price. To work off this divergence, the reward-to-risk strongly supports an intermediate-term rally that may last a few weeks. In addition, the market is also coming out of an extreme oversold condition. However, up ahead is the 50-dma (daily moving average), which may provide resistance. If reached, we will have to make a decision as to the significance of the resistance in the days and weeks ahead. This is our first trade for December, so we have another one remaining and then incremental changes into the G Fund if necessary.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Member Services, LLC

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