Our Performance

Performance of our TSP Allocation Service

Year 2024 YTD Returns (close: 06/12/24): Our members are up +6.90% YTD. We are outperforming the buy-and-hold strategy, which is up +5.44%, the S Fund is +3.64%, and the G Fund up +1.96%. We are on pace for a +15-18% year.

Year 2023 Returns: Our members profited +10.12% YTD. We underperformed the buy-and-hold strategy of investing (20% in each fund), but outperformed our competitors. The leading performer on the TSPTalk site "Intrepid Timer" profited +10.01%, while "TSPTalk Plus" performed terribly at +0.30%. Our other service "TSPMarketTiming.com's S/G Model Portfolio System" profited +26.75% in Year 2023.

Overall Returns (2005-2023): Our TSP Allocation Service is averaging a profit of +12.60% per year in both bull and bear market cycles. Over 19 years, our service continues to lead all other TSP advisory services. The average return for the buy-and-hold strategy is +6.94% per year. We are outperforming the buy-and-hold strategy by +5.66%, nearly doubling its overall performance. The G Fund is returning an average of +2.74% per year.

Performance of our ETF Premier System

     — Returns of 2023: The system profited +37.12% YTD vs. +24.23% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

     — Returns of 2022: The system profited +25.36% vs. -19.44% (Benchmark: S&P 500 Index).

View our 2022 & 2023 ETF Premier System Positions and System Results (Excel, PDF).

Our ETF Premier System is designed to build capital with funds not related to your TSP retirement savings.

How the "ETF Premier System" Works

When we have selected an ETF to trade, we will send out an ETF Alert. This is not to be confused with our TSP Allocation Service (or TSP Alert), which involves the 5 TSP Funds for your retirement savings. The ETF Premier System is a service that is totally separate from the TSP Allocation Service.

If you would like to trade the ETF that we have selected, then you will need to go to your online brokerage account and place the trade. How many shares to purchase is up to you. Like any service that involves stocks, there is risk.

Once the trade is placed, all you need to do is wait for the next ETF Alert. In the ETF Alert email, we will notify our members to Sell the current ETF position and go to a Cash position or use your Cash position and Buy the next ETF. Trades are made on an intraday basis (during the day).

For more information, visit the ETF Premier System page with the link to Login.

Special Note: Access to the Members page with the latest IFT distribution allotments are provided to Members only.

Our performance returns are independently verified by TimerTrac.

How the TSP Calculates Share Price: The value of your TSP account is determined each business day based on the daily share price and the number of shares you hold in each fund. At the end of each business day, after the stock and bond markets have closed, the total value of the funds' holdings (net of accrued administrative expenses) is divided by the total number of shares outstanding to determine the share price for that day.

Calculating Dividends & Capital gains, Share Purchases, Share Sales, and Fair Value Pricing

Our main goal is to maximize our TSP savings during bull market cycles and protect capital during potentially unstable market periods.

In addition to using technical and fundamental analysis, we are now validating our interpretation by using a mechanical impulse system. The impulse system uses a combination of trend following and momentum, which maximizes gains when the market is trending.

Compounding Our Performance vs. Buy-and-Hold

Year Buy & Hold Trades
with 20% in each Fund (%)
Buy & Hold
Compounded Returns
starting with $100,000
Our Cumulative
Year-To-Date Returns (%)
Our Compounded Returns
starting with $100,000
2023 15.94 328182.44 10.12 931023.94
2022 -13.64 282556.67 -9.66 854305.96
2021 10.50 327200.13 11.38 954186.67
2020 13.36 296707.67 17.18 854688.59
2019 17.16 261224.77 20.51 728662.92
2018 -4.65 220775.18 2.26 595915.47
2017 13.28 231824.21 16.84 583970.65
2016 7.34 203255.30 6.73 495310.40
2015 0.34 189449.48 10.39 475272.01
2014 5.51 189287.41 14.69 429459.90
2013 16.48 179481.27 15.42 372873.43
2012 12.10 152592.67 -2.15 320719.82
2011 2.11 136019.12 5.54 330597.13
2010 14.03 135068.28 15.63 314428.30
2009 25.47 120290.54 36.87 271436.21
2008 -30.79 94221.93 10.59 194028.56
2007 7.01 130818.61 16.27 175308.19
2006 12.70 122184.92 21.47 149330.70
2005 7.70 107852.04 19.24 120968.82

If your current trading style is not making these returns, we encourage you to Join Now and become part of our growing number of federal government employees & military personnel who are prospering from our valuable service!

Graphical representations of our overall performance:

Performance Line Chart

Performance Bar Chart