Our service has been available to the public since Jan 1, 2005. Over the years we have received a few comments and accolades from our members which we would like to share with you.

“Great call, Bob! Only a few saw this impressive rally coming. Congrats! ~Mario”

“You really do a GREAT job annotating the charts and explaining your interpretations using technical analysis. Your interpretation of the trading activity for $EMW (S Fund), really spelled out what's happening right now. Like you said, small caps will lead the way higher, and they are. Unbelievable! Thanks! ~Glenn”

“Just want to say thanks for creating an honest system. God Bless, ~Hedi”

“Thanks Bob for your market timing insights ... Congratulations on your results for 2013 – matching the index in any up year which exhibits whipsaws is a good result. ~Percy”

~ some testimonials were edited only for proper grammar and brevity ~

Dr. Dillon, all I can say is that I wished I knew about your ETF system sooner. Have a prosperous New Year! Jessie

Hi Bob, we struggled a bit in 2023, but your ETF Premier System has really taken off. It's fantastic that we made over 30% this year. Maybe one day you can build from this and make the ETF system an entirely new online business. Not only will government workers find it profitable, but also the general public as well. I'm sure you have already thought of this. Cal

Dear Dr. Dillon, I signed up for the ETF service in the summer of 2023. I really can't believe how profitable this extra service has become. I'm happy you are offering your expertise to us Fed Gov employees. Keep up the good work! Frank

Dr. Dillon, You are amazing! Your ETF Premier System is wonderful and it is really helping my Schwab account grow. I'm so glad you offer this service. best regards, Michelle

Dear Bob, Year 2022 was surely a tough year for all market timers! But one amazing thing -- you once again exceeded not only buy-and-hold strategy (especially the S Fund, which lost almost 30%), but you outperformed all other advisory services!! Seriously, keep up the good work. I am so glad to have signed up to your Lifetime program a few years ago. May 2023 be prosperous for your service and your members, and Happy New Year! Julie

Hi Dr. Dillon, A friend alerted me to your service earlier in 2020 and I am so glad to have stuck with your system throughout the year. With the COVID-19 pandemic and high volatile year in the stock market, you were able to guide us to profitability. Just simply amazing and we really appreciate all the work you do! Jack

Hi Bob, Thank you for your invaluable service. I didn't have a clear investment strategy for my TSP so I had my money in an L fund until I found your service some time after things tanked in 2008/2009. I sleep better at night knowing that I have you and your service to guide me and my retirement funds. Wishing you and your family happy holidays! Joanne

Exceptional work Robert - Thanks again for everything you do! I've had four friends signup with you and they all speak about how much better their TSP is performing. Best to you and your family, friends, and those part of your investment circle. Robert

Thanks for the great service by the way! I was referred to you by an old friend and have not regretted the decision. Keep up the great work. Rob

Awesome read Dr. Dillon. You are a real pro. I studied the candlesticks for years. I studied the same indicators for years and tested/retested/tested them. So I can appreciate your tireless efforts. I love these reports. Excellent work as always. Anyway, all the best. Don

I really appreciate your service as it has allowed me to still increase my TSP in retirement. Thank you again. Dwayne

Hi Dr. Dillon, awesome call! The stock market is collapsing and you had us all safely in the G Fund. You saved me around $37K! I am a member of two other services (on TSPTalk) and they both had their members in the stock funds! How did you know? Just incredible. Thank you deeply for your service! Seth

Afternoon- I just wanted to send my sincere thanks to you guys. Whatever you all saw coming on the horizon towards the end of January- truly secured my nest egg. I am extremely grateful for your service. Respectfully, Marla

Can't help but notice that you outperformed all the other TSP services again. Wow! So glad I've been a member for many years. I'm thinking about staying with your services even after retirement. Bill

Another solid year (2017)! Love your analysis and methods. Happy Holidays! Frank

Good to see your system doing well. As you know, I've been a member for many years. There are no comparable services that offer the same amount of information in your newsletters for government employees, and more importantly consistent profitable returns. Soon I'll be retired and want to continue using your service. Can't thank you enough! Darlene

Nice going in 2017! :) Heidi

Wow, can't believe we are already up over 8% within the first three months of 2017 - Awesome! John

Great call, Bob! Only a few saw this impressive rally coming. Congrats! Mario

Year 2016 sure was a tough year for all market analysts. Glad you were able to produce acceptable gains in such a difficult year. All the best, Edwin

Robert, What is your take on the recent market surge? Thanks again for what you do for my family and I. Cheers, Mike

Robert, I made 10 times the enrollment fee in the market yesterday. I sent the renewal today. Thanks, Kim

Dear Tspfundtrading.com, May warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greeting come and stay with you the whole year through. Peter

I owe you a beer or two if you ever come to Germany, you saved me $8K today alone! Gregory

Dr. Dillon - I've been a member for many years now and first I'd like to say thanks for all the good advice. Your advice has helped build up my TSP balance. Tim

I'm glad to see you release the allocation changes way before the cut-off time on the tsp.gov site. Other informational sites wait until the last minute. Just wanted to thank you for this. Anderson

Hi Robert, you really did a great job with the newsletter and analysis this past week. So much information as always and you covered all angles. Don't know how you do it week after week. The returns this year are picking up pace! Regards, Tammy

Dr. Dillon, love your analysis and all the work you do in helping us government employees. Thank you! Suzanne

Great job on the latest IFT change - you absolutely nailed the turn-around point. Paul

I wanted to state that I am very happy with the allocations, suggestions and newsletter that are put out to benefit us as government employees to maximize our returns for retirement. For the past 6-8 years, I have stuck to the G Fund or ended up losing money due to lack of knowledge trying to invest it myself. I was leary to spend the membership money at first, but I made back the membership costs in the first couple weeks after I signed up. Unfortunately, the market is very unstable right now due to the situation and uncertainty in Europe, which affects all the markets. I am becoming more educated from your newsletter and it helps me understand how to interpret the news of the market. Thank you and please if you could let me know when I need to re-up my membership. Have a great weekend. Nathan

Bob, Appreciate your thoughts, as well as the quick (really quick) response. BTW -- Your advice has made me a good deal of money. I am very satisfied with your service and have recommended it to my coworkers. Best, Kevin

Robert - Very nice call yesterday! Thanks so much! Jim

Thanks Bob for your market timing insights. Congratulations on your results for 2013 – matching the index in any up year which exhibits whipsaws is a good result. Percy

Good call on the S Fund! Tim

Dear TSP Fund Trading, thank you soooo much for the past few weeks. Keep up the good work! Thanks again, I'm a very happy customer! Steve

I sincerely thank you for the indepth analysis throughout 2009, and more importantly, the outstanding returns! My retirement account has gone up over 35% this year! Keep up the great work! Bill

Keep it up! I can't believe how in-tune your system is. Gary

You guys only missed the actual bottom by just a few days -- unbelievable! I'm having a spectacular year using your service. Thanks! Katie

What an outstanding year we are having even when the market is crashing!! What do you foresee for next year? You described in your newsletter that we will be in a trading zone for a few years based on your long-term analysis, and I would just like to hear your thoughts about this. Kristen

Can't believe we are having a positive year in one of the most bearish years I have ever been in outside of the 2000-02 crash! I am so fortunate to have signed up to your service. Just want to say thanks for creating an honest system. God Bless Hedi

Dear TSPFundTrading.com, you got us out of the market prior to the crash! All hats off to you! Lori

Hi, I was about to go into the Lifecycle Funds and then one of my production unit employees told me about your service. He was right... Great analysis and a lot of thought goes into your newsletters. Can you explain to me not why, but how will your service outperform the Lifecycle Funds? I was in the Lifecycle Funds (L2020) and just between you and I, they suck raw eggs. I need to start trading my account and your service looks like what I need. Steve

Excellent analysis for why we should be bearish at this time. So glad to have followed your advice, since many of my co-workers are taking a tremendous hit in the market. Holly

Thanks! You are absolutely right....I've been quite pleased, even though I've been a member for a short time. I'd rather be a little conservative than gamble. Have a good weekend too! Joe

Thanks and please keep up the great work...I've made over $28K in my TSP since joining in February 2007!!! I'm a very satisfied customer! Arthur

I have recently learned of your website and service you provide. Colleagues of mine are also very satisfied with your service. Thank you. Jay

You Guys are great. Thanks for the quick response... Ruth

I just want to say you are doing a great job! I recently told some of my employees about your service and hope they will become members as well. Thanks Alan

I understand completely. Thanks for all the help you give to us Federal folks with this service. Janna

As a new member of your service I would like to say thanks for your help. I have been quite pleased so far and I am excited at the possibility of future gains. Jim

I've saved the account info this time so we won't have to do this again. Talk about FAST service!!!! I always manage to check the site a few minutes after 8am so imagine my disgruntlement when I manage to get here early and my info was gone!! FYI, I recommend your service to EVERYONE I work with. I don't keep records of what my 'old' strategy would have gotten me by now, but I feel certain that I've made about $75K + using you as opposed to my other methods. When I retire, I'll buy an extra nice bottle of wine, and tip a glass in your direction!! ;) Thanks again, Bill

Just wanted to let you know that I am floored by the results so far this month. I must admit that I am getting a little nervous with such a high percentage in the 'I' & 'S' funds. There is no rhyme or reason other than I feel the preverbal ax is going to fall soon with some degree of market correction. Bottom line, following your guidance with a few daily moves to 'G', out of the park on my Thrift account this year. 1 Jan 2006 balance of 251K today 307K. Deducting my contributions and the gov's matching has given me a > 37K increase for 2007. All I can say is a sincere and humble THANK YOU. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! William

I will continue to check your site directly for allocation changes so that nothing will be missed. Also, could you please remind me when my subscription is set to expire? I have enjoyed your service and would like to renew for a full year when the time is appropriate. Thank you. Diane

Hello! I appreciate the prompt and clear response. I guess my misses are further proof of your model's success. Thank you for an informative and helpful service. Dave

First let me thank you for your service and market insight. You make investing fun! I enjoy your comments and charts about the TSP Funds. In your special notes section you have positive comments about Tech and the QQQ's longer term. Many of us in TSP also have IRA's. I was hoping you might consider adding in your special note section if you have a long or cash position on the QQQ's. I'm not suggesting charts because I'm sure it would cause you a lot of extra work. I thought that since your positive on Tech you might be invested in it in your personal accounts and could give us your current recommendations. I'm currently back to cash in the QQQ's for now. When you send us a recommendation to go to the G Fund I close out all of my long positions in ETF's. Please consider this request and again thanks for a great site and service. Robin

The past two weeks your market timing has been impeccable. Warmest regards, Carl

Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate the insight. Keep up the GREAT work! Brian

I just joined 4 days ago, and already made 3 times the annual subscription fee. I read all of the other testimonials, and was very impressed by what I read. You clearly know what you are doing, and are providing a wonderful long-over-due service to all of us TSP-ers out here. Bravo!!Ed

I just wanted to let you folks know how impressed I am with your analysis and performance. I have told everyone at work how great a service you are providing. I know at least 5 people have signed up in the short three months I have had this subscription. I would like to see our whole facility sign-up (500+)! Thanks again, Mike

You really do a GREAT job annotating the charts and explaining your interpretations using technical analysis. Your interpretation of the trading activity for $EMW (S Fund), really spelled out what's happening right now. Like you said, small caps will lead the way higher, and they are. Unbelievable! Thanks! Glenn

You guys just keep making great recommendations. We will help with spreading the word about your service! Best regards, Brian

Just joined your service three weeks ago and I am enjoying the successes of your recommendations. Thanks again for providing a needed service! Tom

Hi, I understand from an acquaintance that he recovered the annual sign-up fee of this site in one day, and still profiting! I would like to also!! Thank you, Patricia

Your service is just what I have always been looking for. On the Internet, I have found a growing number of sites that deal with the Thrift Saving Plan, some led by amateurs all guessing what the market will do, and others posting pie in the sky dreams. The work you do is honest, credible, and professional. You are obviously well versed in technical analysis. Many thanks! Helene

I'm new to TSPFundTrading, I really appreciate the quality of thought that goes into your analysis and the results you are getting for us! I've been watching the market closely now that I'm retired from the Federal service, and I now understand how difficult it is to predict, especially at this particular point in time. Thanks so much for your great service! John

Dear TSPFundTrading, Your newsletter has been very helpful, and I am learning much about technical analysis. I have recommended your site to a few other government employees in FERS. Thank you, Dottie

I appreciate your reply. In fact, I want to tell you that I can't compare any other web site to yours in terms of your analysis. For someone like me, who is familiar with technical analysis and has used it for the past decade, it is very rare to hear from anyone who will share their analysis like you do. I am starting to analyze past periods by your combination of tools to see what I've learned. Keep up the good work! Linda

Thank you for the information. This is definitely the best information I have received from any service I have subscribe to in the past. Other services, for the most part, only send a word reply, literally. Your information really helps and is educational. I find your web site and your response to my questions to be very educational and comprehensive. I also wanted to let you know that your chart analyses are very eye opening, and I am amazed at how well your system works. Thanks and keep up the good work, Randy

As mentioned in your last posting, I'm in the S and I Funds, and I am profiting again as the market rises! If it weren't for you, I'd be in the G Fund, and watching everyone else get rich. Love your work. Regards, Amardeep

Just a note to tell you that I really appreciate your humble attitude in your newsletters and in your chart dialogue. You obviously have a lot of experience, and I am looking forward to learning much from you this year. (And maybe ring the cash register a few times along the way as my savings account grows). Best Regards. Scott

I am a member to the service. All I have to say is, "keep up the excellent work"! Vickie

As always ... some more good output ... you are really doing a good job for us! Tim

Congratulations on your latest long call for the S and C Funds! Fabulous call. I don't know how you do it, but please keep on doing it. Thank you! George